Contract Doming provides the printing industry with a high quality DOMING service that will enhance any image. The guidelines listed below will ensure quick turn around times so that we can service you better.

Printing Specs 
No plain paper labels. Labels must be plastic vinyl, polyester, etc. The exception is foil paper labels.

Labels need to be in sheet form, on backing that will stay flat and not warp or disfigure.

Several types of inks can be used. For best adhesion between inks and resin, silicon free inks are preferred.

Refraction may affect colors, If the color match is critical, test runs should be done.

Sheet length (X) minimum 250mm maximum 380mm. Sheet width (Y) minimum 150mm maximum 300mm.

Spacing between the labels (B, C) must be consistent. Leave a minimum of 4mm between labels.

Layout of labels in (Y) direction may be 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 up.

Long side of labels (F) to be laid out in (X) direction.

Centre spacing on width of labels (D) to be in multiples of 5mm ie 20mm, 25mm, 30mm etc.

Have at least 15mm of liner (A) on at least two opposing edges of the sheet.

Print four 6mmØ black dots (E) toward the corners of sheet on a white area of the sheet for diecut lineup.

For print that reaches edge of decal leave a 2mm bleed from diecut line .

Keep a minimum of 1mm corner radius for outward facing corners and a 2mm minimum radius is needed for inward facing corners.

The sheet edges are to be square and straight as they are used to register the dispensing nozzles to the decal.

Die Cutting Specs 
Don't die cut into or through the liner. Cutting through will result in high waste.

Kiss cut and strip waste, ensuring the kiss cut is not noticeably deep on the reverse side. On the printed side, the part that is kiss cut should have a minimal difference in touch.